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Flashings are a construction detail used to seal and protects joints in a building from water penetration. The joints created by the intersection of the roof and roof mounted structures and projections, such as parapets, hatches, skylights, chimneys, vent stacks, or towers, are among the most vulnerable areas of roofing systems.

They constantly expand and contract in response to changes in humidity and temperature.
The greater the number of such projections, the greater the potential for serious leaks.
In the Winter you have snow falling on the roof and sometimes melting and refreezing which puts a lot of stress on the roof and flashing systems. As well high winds on a flat roof can damage the flashings.

If you have a flat roof, you should not only get it inspected every few years but should have a regular maintenance program to avoid more costly repairs later on.

Maintenance programs start for as little as $66 a month for a 10,000 sq foot roof. See our link for programs and call for a roof inspection today, before more snow comes!


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