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Do I still get paid each month if the system fails to generate as much electricity as estimated?

Yes. Your lease is independent of your levels of electrical production.

How well do solar panels work in the winter?

Solar panels work on light, not heat. With shorter daylight hours in winter, solar panels produce proportionately less power. If the modules become covered with snow, they stop producing power, but snow generally melts quickly when the sun strikes the Solyndra. If you brush the snow off, they resume operation immediately.

What type of maintenance is required on solar panels?

Although the production of solar panels incorporates a high-tech manufacturing process, it’s very easy to use a photovoltaic system. Solar panels have no moving parts to wear out, they can be used alone or in combination with other energy sources. Solar panels are silent, reliable and long lasting. Occassionaly an annual maintenance check up may be required.

Are solar electric systems safe?

Yes. Solar cells are mostly made with silicon, the primary component of sand. There is no exhaust and no toxic materials to leak out of the system. The electricity coming through the inverter is just like the electricity coming from household wall sockets. You should use the same care you would use with utility power. All components are approved for utility interconnection and are installed according to standard, construction practice.

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