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Empire Roofing boasts years of professional experience in roof installations with a long list of satisfied customers in Scarborough. Whether it is a fairly small or large commercial building, we have the skill and expertise to deliver exceptional roofing solutions.

With a massive population of 625,698, Scarborough is a former municipality and district situated in the eastern side of the City of Toronto, Ontario. The district is bordered on the north by Steeles Avenue East, Lake Ontario on the south, the City of Pickering and Rouge River on the east, and Victoria Park Avenue on the west.

Scarborough is recognised as one of the most varied and multicultural regions of the GTA owing to its high immigrants population. The area is considered the greenest part of Toronto, and is home to multiple religious groups and worship places, as well as some of Toronto’s renowned natural landmarks such as Rouge Park and the Scarborough Bluffs.

History of Scarborough

In the last two centuries, Scarborough has grown from a gathering of small rural villages to become a huge city with a diverse cultural community. The district got its name from the English town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire in 1796, when Elizabeth Simcoe was inspired by the Scarborough Bluffs that reminded her of the white cliffs close to her home.

Before 1953, Scarborough was known as the Scarborough Township, and then it became a part of Metropolitan Toronto in 1953. In 1967, it was renamed as borough. Afterwards, it developed very fast as an Old Toronto suburb during the Metro Toronto time and became a city in 1983.

In 1998, Scarborough was merged with the city of Toronto. Today, the area is an administrative district in the current City of Toronto and has its own community council comprising Toronto city councillors. The former city hall, the Scarborough Civic Centre, is still being used by the Toronto municipal government.

The District of Scarborough

The area started out as a collection of communities, then it became a city before transitioning into a municipality, and now it is a district in the new City of Toronto. Scarborough is an interesting place to reside because of its beautiful green setting and wide income gap: affluence towards the west and poverty towards the east.

Business in Scarborough

Scarborough is the only area in the GTA that does not have at least two 400 series highways criss-crossing. Toronto, for instance, has the 400, 401, the Gardiner, and the Don Valley Parkway. Markham has the 404 and the 407; Vaughan has the 400 and the 407; and so on. But Scarborough only has the 401. The fact that people, goods, and services are limited to flowing either east or west along a limited access highway is a primary reason why the district continues to lag behind other areas in the GTA.

The lack of an airport, enough higher learning institutions, and industries to create employment are big problems in Scarborough attributed to mistakes in history. However, the district has its perks. There is a reason why 57 percent of the population consists of immigrants: affordable housing, proximity to amenities, accessible transportation, and range ethnic communities.

Scarborough also has a very active manufacturing sector that is even larger than that of the City of Toronto. Some of the big companies with their headquarters here include Thomson Carswell, Toyota Canada Inc., Bell Media, Eli Lilly Canada Inc., Royal Doulton, Cinram, Alfa Laval, SKF, Aviva, Telus, Lee Kum Kee Canada, and Yellow Pages.

Additionally, Scarborough is considered one of Toronto’s new central business districts in the outer boroughs.

Regardless of the size of your property, durable materials, professional customer service, quality work, and affordable rates await Scarborough clients with Empire Roofing.

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