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Roofing Tips For Property Managers

1.INSPECT CONSISTENTLY – Roof systems must be inspected at least once a year, And after every major storm.

2.MAINTAIN THE SURFACE – The flat roof surface requires attention. You need to clear away snow in the winter, keep gutters free and clear of debris, and remove debris in the summer and fall. Excess debris can lead to rot and other issues as well as add stress elements to the flat surface.

3.REPAIR RIGHT AWAY – If a problem does occur with your flat roof, never wait to repair it. Waiting only ensures that the problem will excavate and could cause structural issues. Even if it is a minor tear in the flat surface, have it repaired. Most minor repairs can be picked up during your routine inspections.

Heavy ice and snow in the winter can be damaging. Have a professional remove snow build up to keep the excess weight off the roof.

If you notice mossy build up or grass growing on your roof, have a professional come out to inspect the roof and clean it. Grass will form roots that can grow into the roof causing leaks.

Keep trees trimmed away from roofs as much as possible. Falling branches will cause damage, AND even limbs that consistently brush the roof in the wind will wear it down. This type of roof maintenance includes keeping the gutters clear of debris as well.

7.CHOOSE THE RIGHT CONTRACTOR ( See Contractor Comparison Chart)
Are they licensed and insured?, Can they Provide references? Do they offer 24/7 emergency service? How do their warranties compare?

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