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Empire Roofing Safety

Safety is Our Top Priority

Empire Roofing prides ourselves in our professional work as well as our safety record. All new employees of Empire Roofing are required to undertake training in roofing and safety and receive certification before they commence work.

Measuring Safety

A company’s performance is tied to its safety record. The safety record is measured by how many injuries occur per 100 (full time) employees.

Taking Responsibility

Empire Roofing takes responsibility not only for the safety of its employees but also for is valued clientele. Safety plans and protocols are regularly reviewed with both employees and customers. We want to make sure that all our employees return safely to their homes after a day’s work.


Roofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety TrainingRoofing Safety Training

Our roofing employees take part in regular classroom training sessions in safety. The trainings are conducted by trained safety specialists. There are both scheduled and non-scheduled inspections conducted on site. All safety measures and protocols are designed to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. Our managers conduct regular meetings with staff to discuss any safety issues that arise. Among some of the things discussed are accident trends, potential problems, and post inspection reports filed by safety inspectors.

Our subcontractors are also required to familiarize themselves with our safety program. The contractors usually sign an acknowledgment form once they have understood the company’s safety policies.

Certification Program

All employees must undergo a certification program in safety. They are comprised of various training modules and students are required to pass the exams in order to become certified. Certification is a requirement to be able to commence employment. The training is provided by safety specialists who also administer the exams.

Roof Safety

Roof work brings with it unique safety related challenges. About one in three fatal falls are related to a fall from heights. Prior to the commencement of any roof work, there is a rigorous safety evaluation. This would normally involve consultation with the client for any known safety issues or concerns as well as checking for signs of damage or corrosion. Fall protection plans are routinely discussed and implemented. Employees usually employ safety gear such as fall restraints, guard rails, and safety nets. Openings in the roof are barricaded, covered, and labelled. There are set safety procedures for loading materials onto the roof and equipment is routinely checked for potential problems.

What Companies Can Do

Companies should monitor their roofs for any potential signs of trouble. Sensor technology can be employed to provide early warning for excessive snow build up, trespassers, and water collection. Once companies are alerted, they can determine the best course of action before any incidents occur.

Companies must also be aware of how well their roofs can stand up against the elements. The wind and rain can take a heavy toll on roofs and cause the entire building to be weakened. Our staff can conduct a proper analysis of your roof to determine what action needs to be taken to remedy the problems that are found.

Early assessment and detection is crucial to tackling issues before they happen. The result will be significant cost savings to your company.

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