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Did you know that many suppliers of roofing products provide material discounts during ‘off season’ or just prior peak season?

Sometimes up to 10%

Have the top Firestone Master contractor in Canada and recipient of Firestone’s Inner Circle Award 2013 (the most prestigious roofing designation possible) inspect your roof at no cost or obligation.

Empire roofing will provide all existing and new customers a full color, detailed report of their roof condition at no cost or obligation.

An inspection of your roof during the Spring Thaw will ensure that no issues have accumulated over the winter that you are not aware of such as:

    • Caulking, sealants cracked
    • Damage to the membrane from poor drainage
    • Structural issues – snow is heavy.
    • Environmental debris in roof drains needs to be cleared to ensure proper drainage.
    • Water saturation from thawing that can deteriorate underlying insulation. Left untreated this causes mold and extensive and expensive damage.
    • Open membrane seams which cause severe leaks and is most common to happen during Spring thaw.
    • Degranulation of field membrane which becomes brittle and then less effective/ durable in long run.
    • Loose metal flashings which can fly off of the building causing additional damage.


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