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Residential Roofing

Empire Roofing prides itself in providing premium roofing services to every one of its commercial, industrial, and residential clients.

The company is one of the few in the industry to implement a designated roofing school. This program serves as a benchmark for qualifying prospective candidates, as well as leveraging the skillsets and facilitating the onboarding process of new hires. Empire Roofing requires every new employee to complete and become certified in this course, which focuses on safety and all aspects of the roofing trade.

The company exercises a rigorous commitment to quality craftsmanship combined and possesses a long-standing track record of successfully serving a diverse array of clients.

In addition to receiving the highly-respected inner circle of quality, Firestone Building Products President’s Club, and Master Contractor award, a praiseworthy accomplishment in its own right; Empire Roofing’s unrivaled dedication to the communities it serves through its consistent annual donations to local charities and youth programs.

Empire Roofing is indeed recognized as one of the elite roofing contractors in Canada, but it is the passion for helping its customers that truly separates it from its competition. You can rest assured knowing your home’s roof will be installed with the utmost quality by a crew of highly trained roofing specialists.

Whether you are looking for a brand new roof for your new home or looking to repair your existing one, you’ve come to the right place. Besides commercial roofing, we also offer residential roofing options that will transform your house into a beautiful, well-protected home.

What types of roofing are available?

When it comes to residential roofing, there are numerous options available. The Empire team will help you decide which of the following options will suit the needs of your home:

  • Asphalt:
    By far the most popular choice, asphalt is affordable, durable and more effective against Ontario’s colder winters. This material also comes in a variety of colours and is easily repairable, should it incur damage.
  • Cedar:
    This type of shingle is considered the more attractive option because it possess a blonde or reddish colour when installed but fades into a light grey over time. Cedar shingles are long-lasting and requires minimal repairs over its lifetime.
  • Slate:
    Made from a fine grained rock, this elegant shingle comes in a vast assortment of colours. Slate is fire-resistant and does not fade over time. However, slate is made of a heavier material than the average asphalt shingle and requires a strong roof structure to sustain its weight.
  • Metal:
    Sleek, durable and eco-friendly, metal shingles are the right choice for anyone who wishes to maintain a green household. If you’re a homeowner who wants to help protect the environment, metal is easily recyclable and can stand up to our Ontario climate.
  • Clay tiles:
    Although clay tiles have been around for years, they are not the most popular option with homeowners in Ontario. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t last and provide a unique look to your home. Clay tiles also age well and have no issues with our climate.
  • Copper:
    This natural material will not corrode and is quite durable. Generally considered the hassle-free choice, copper will remain its natural colour for most of its lifespan.

Which manufacturers does Empire trust?

Empire Roofing only trusts manufacturers that are known within the industry, like GAF, IKO and CertainTeed. Each of the companies we trust are well-respected and provide quality products we count on for our residential roofing products. We remain committed to using the products of these manufacturers because they are high-quality, durable and stand up to the elements.

What are the most important facts about shingle roofs?

Shingle roofs are a popular choice amongst homeowners because they can come in a variety of colours and materials. When selecting shingles, keep in mind that in the last few years inorganic fibreglass shingles have often replaced the traditional organic ones. Although they are inorganic, it doesn’t mean these shingles don’t last. They are saturated in asphalt with a ceramic granular coating to increase their durability.

Price points of shingles vary due to your taste. For example, there are architectural and premium shingles. All are good choice, but when it comes to materials used for residential homes, the most common are asphalt, cedar shingles and shakes, slate tile, ceramic or concrete tile, and metal.


What is the upkeep for a residential roof?

Most homeowners do not have time to repair their roofs on their own. Even if you have the time, it can be very dangerous to try and perform roof repairs without the services of a professional. We will assess the possible damage done to your roof and provide the necessary repairs.

When Empire Roofing installs a roof, whether it’s on a home or a business, we do it right. Although the weather can sometimes destroy patches of your roof, you will only require minimal maintenance if we were the original installer.

Contact Empire Roofing for more information about our residential roofing options. Let us put a roof over your head; a roof that lasts.

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