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Modified Bitumen Repair

Modified Bitumen Membrane (MBM) roofing is reliable and durable roofing materials available for flat commercial roofs. Modified Bitumen is comprised of asphalt which has been modified with synthetic rubber to create a product that remains flexible, even in cold temperatures, and is resistant to cracking and breaking when temperature fluctuations cause roofs to contract and expand. Modified bitumen is easy to work with, especially when making repairs, and eliminates the noxious fumes associated with other roofing styles such as tar and gravel. Despite the fact that modified bitumen is regarded as one of the strongest roofing materials out there, it is not invincible and will still inevitably require repairs throughout its life, if only minor ones.

We at Empire Roofing have years of industry experience repairing and maintaining modified bitumen flat roofs on commercial structure. We use two types of modified bitumen, SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) and APP (Atactic Polypropylene). SBS repairs involve either hot asphalt or cold adhesives, and some come with self-adhering properties. The best part about SBS repairs is that self-adhering and cold-applied membranes can be installed quickly and efficiently because it does not require the use of a welder or torch. APP repairs, on the other hand, tend to take longer because they require the use of a torch or heat-weld method. Modified bitumen, in general, regardless of the repair method, is much easier to repair than other roofing materials.

Empire Roofing purchases its modified bitumen materials from the most highly regarded manufacturers in the industry and the speed and ease with which we are able to make repairs to flat top modified bitumen roofs means that, if and when a need for a repair should arise, we can get the job done right the first time.

Empire Roofing provides their customers with comprehensive and thorough preventative maintenance services, allowing you to decrease the chances of future repair work and ensure that your roof is structurally sound all year long. Even though modified bitumen roofs have the reputation of being one of the more durable and hard to damage roofs, opting to avoid a regular maintenance initiative can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in needless repair work every year.

Maintenance programs are calculated using your roof’s square footage and the length of your maintenance contract with us. It includes evaluations by professional roof inspectors backed by ten plus years of industry acumen and provides you with invaluable certification from our industry leading manufacturers, written inspection documentation and digital photo records to keep in your files.

We examine and evaluate common problem areas such as ladders and hatches, HVAC units, roof membranes, walkways, sheet metal flashing, sealants and any other areas where stress is likely to occur. We also recommend preventative measures which you can undertake by yourself in between inspections or repairs. These small steps go a long way when maintaining a fully functional and structurally sound roof year round.

Contact Empire Roofing today to discuss your roof repair and prevention needs.

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