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Metal Roof Repair

When properly installed and maintained, a metal roof on a commercial building has a life expectancy second to none. Repairing a metal roof, however, can be one of the more sophisticated repairs to complete. If you hire an inexperienced contractor to repair a metal roof, you could experience problems with premature failure because of the difference in expansion and contraction of the already existing metal roofing panels and those your roofer is using to make the repair. This difference in expansion and contraction places strain on the new, vulnerable panels and can lead to splitting, cracking and ultimately the ineffectiveness of the repair.

Empire Roofing has extensive experience with metal roof repair and maintenance. Our roofing experts know how to ensure that repairs are properly tailored to expand and contract with the existing panels to relieve stress on the new metal and promote the long-term health of your roof.

Metal roofs are popular options for commercial/industrial buildings because of its unparalleled versatility. It is one of the more highly customizeable roofing options on the market, evidenced by the number of manufactures that carry metal roofing products, and there are a wide range of materials and application methods to suit virtually any roofing preference or needs.

Empire Roofing sources its metal roof products from only the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. We have access to hundreds of material profiles, depending on individual roof requirements, including multiple gauges of metal – normally between 20 and 30ga – using steel, galvanized, galvalume, aluminum, and copper. We will tailor your metal roof repair to your existing material and are able to apply many different finishing options and textures. We are able to cut metal onsite, meaning we can more flexibly respond to any repair requirements.

In addition to repairs, we like to provide our customers with preventative maintenance tips and advice after the repair has been completed, allowing you to minimize the frequency of repairs and save yourself money in the long-term.

We strongly advocate professional preventative maintenance when it comes to flat metal roofs. Opting to forgo regular maintenance work can end up costing building owners more in the long term. Avoiding this situation is simple by reinvesting back into your building, simply by undertaking some simple, preventative measures.

Our maintenance program for flat metal roofs are based on the size of your roof and the length of time you wish to remain under agreement. It includes important roof health evaluations by a licensed and qualified roof inspector, credible and trustworthy certification from our suppliers, regularly scheduled inspections, written inspection reports and digital photographs of our findings for your records.

We will inspect all of the common problem areas and fixtures, including access ladders and hatches, HVAC units, walkways, sealants, roof drains and more. We are also able to provide you with advice on integrating some of your own preventative methods in between scheduled inspections and repairs, which will give you the opportunity to ensure that your roof is structurally sound and fully functional 365 days a year.

Contact Empire Roofing today to discuss your roof repair and prevention needs.

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