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BUR/Tar & Gravel Roof Repair

BUR, or Built Up Roofs, using tar and gravel, is a popular flat roof medium because of its service life, when responsibly maintained. In terms of useful life, there are few roof systems that provide a better return on investment that BUR. It is a multi-layered medium, so it comes with terrific puncture resistance and provides added leak protection. BUR, however, is not impenetrable and will require maintenance and possibly some repair work during the course of its useful life.

Empire Roofing has developed an in-depth knowledge of repair and maintenance for BUR roofs on flat roof commercial buildings. We are able to adeptly repair holes and leaks in BUR roofing mediums which have occurred as a result of water or puncture damage. While BUR roofs on flat roof commercial buildings are water resistant, they are not moisture proof and ponding on top of buildings, combined with UV damage can affect the integrity of your roof. This is especially important for building owners who experience a lot of heavy rain and snowmelt on top of their buildings, which in Canada, is almost a guarantee no matter where you are.

Empire Roofing sources its BUR roofing materials from reliable and reputable manufacturers. Over the years we have established a reputation for doing professional and long-lasting repair work on flat BUR commercial roofs, allowing us to become one of the industry’s most sought after names in BUR roof repair.

On top of repair work, Empire Roofing also strives to provide its customers with comprehensive and thorough preventative maintenance programs around, giving our customers a means to ensure that they minimize the amount of repair work needed throughout the course of their roof’s useful life. This is because, although BUR roofs are widely recognized for their ability to protect against water damage and punctures, taking preemptive measures by implementing regular maintenance programs can help save a considerable amount of money in both the long and short-term.

Our maintenance programs vary in cost based on the square footage of your BUR roof and the amount of time you wish to remain under contract. Our maintenance packages include vital regular examinations by seasoned roof inspectors with more than a decade of industry knowledge, providing you with additional supplier certification, sophisticated written analyses and photo evidence for your records.

We inspect typical problem areas, paying close attention to the roof around sheet metal flashings, access ladders, sealants, HVAC units, and a variety of other common fixtures and potential stress areas. Prevention is an important aspect of a building owner’s efforts to mitigate future repair costs and downtime, saving you money and ensuring that your commercial building’s flat top BUR roof is fully operational year after year and your business is protected. We also provide our clients with advice on how they are able to integrate their own preventative maintenance checks into their roof care regimen between scheduled inspections.

Contact Empire Roofing today to discuss your roof repair and prevention needs or ask about our Free 100 point roof inspection with full colour report. We have locations across Ontario and employees who would be delighted to assist you with any queries or requests. We look forward to hearing from you.

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