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EPDM Roof Repair

EPDM is one of the most sought after roofing materials for flat commercial roofs because of its reputation for durability. It is composed of a synthetic rubber and constructed using natural gas and the oil derivatives ethylene and propylene. It’s a single-ply membrane made from durable synthetic rubber and comes in a range of sizes to fit any building’s unique specifications. It can be fully adhered, mechanically attached or ballasted. One of the best things about and EPDM roof is that it requires a very-low maintenance service schedule and are known to last for up to thirty years. Rubber roofing materials such as EPDM are prized for their ability to tolerate UV rays, temperature variations and stand up to water and leakage. However, that being said, just as with any roofing material, repairs are an inevitability.

Our company has years of success to its name, maintaining EPDM flat roofs for commercial buildings and structures. We professionally and expertly repair holes and leaks in EPDM roofs that have occurred as a result of water and uv damage, structural stress, average wear and tear and accidents. Repairs typically involve cutting and removing the damaged portion of the roof, cleaning off all loose fragments of debris and peeling back a section of the original roof to fit the brand new, fully cured EPDM material over the existing roof. The repair EPDM material will be installed wrinkle free and and fully flush.

Empire Roofing purchases its EPDM roofing products from only the most trusted and well respected manufacturers in the industry. Our reputation for doing seamless installation and repair work on flat EPDM commercial roofs has made us one of the go-to industry experts for all EPDM services.

In addition to repairs, Empire Roofing offers their customers with comprehensive preventative maintenance programs, allowing them to minimize repair work year after year. The myriad benefits of EPDM roofs notwithstanding, choosing to neglect regular maintenance can cost building owners thousands in unnecessary upkeep expenditures every year. The amount of small, easy and important regular maintenance checks which you can implement greatly reduces the chances of experiencing catastrophic roof damage, or break down in the future, letting you run your building and business smoothly and with peace of mind.

Our maintenance programs costs are based on your roof’s total square footage contract length. It includes services such as regular evaluations by a professional and certified roof inspector, important supplier certification, a detailed written inspection report and in-depth photographic evidence of the inspection.

A typical inspection includes examining the roof’s potential problem areas, especially around access ladders and hatches, roof membranes, HVAC units, sealants, walkways, roof drains, sheet metal flashings and a range of other common problem areas and fixtures. Prevention programs are an important method of preempting future repairs and saving you money. We also offer our customers with advice on conducting their own independent maintenance work in between scheduled inspections.

Contact Empire Roofing today to discuss your roof repair and prevention needs.

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