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We repair ALL roof systems

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • EPDM
  • Modified Bitumen Repair
  • Green Roof Repair
  • BUR (Tar and Gravel)
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Metal roofs
  • TPO Repair
  • BUR/Tar and Gravel Roof Repair
  • Green Roofs
  • PVC Repair
  • Metal Roof Repair
  • EPDM Roof Repair


Most Common Issues

Holes in the membrane

Holes in the membrane
Blisters in the field membrane

Blisters in the field membrane
Cracks in the field membrane

Cracks in the field membrane
Open seams

Open seams
Open laps

Open laps
Missing sealants at roof projections

Missing sealants at roof projections
( Cones, pipes, curbs etc…)
Previous repair attempts failing

Previous repair attempts failing
Missing metal counter flashing

Missing metal counter flashing

No maintenance which causes drains to back up and ponding water to occur which deteriorates the membrane
Wet and molded insulation

Wet and molded insulation



  • EPDM
  • Lap Sealant
  • TPO
  • PVC
  • Caulking
  • Base Sheet
  • Cap Sheet
  • 911 Stop leak
  • Plastic cement
  • Re enforcement mesh
  • All purpose fasteners
  • General purpose sealants
  • Bonding adhesive
  • Boots
  • Cones
  • Pitch pans
  • 2 part pourable sealer


Flat Roof Repair, Installation & Maintenance

Does your commercial roof require repairs or maintenance work?


Michelle Bergeron for Windsor, London and surrounding areas at:
Office: (519) 969-7101 x 311 Emergency cell: (519) 999-9740 michelle@empireroofing.ca

Nada Tayar for GTA at:
Office: (905) 362-0694 Emergency cell: (416) 271-0854 nada@empireroofing.ca

If you need maintenance or repair Empire Roofing can help. Our emergency repair response time is 2 hours (4 hours max) and one of the fastest in the industry. We can stop almost any leak on the spot while you figure out your next steps.

Our maintenance program is very affordable and we offer one month free for new customers. A maintenance program will ensure your roof is in good health to avoid costly repairs in the future and if you have a new roof, it maintains your warranty.

The choice not to have a maintenance program can cost an owner as much as $0.15 per sqft, per year.

Based on this estimate, the owner will be losing appx $33,000 per year.

Maintenance Program Costs

Roof Size 1 Year Term 2 Year Term
10,000 Sq.Feet $83 a Month $66 a Month
25,000 Sq. Feet $145 a Month $125 a Month
50,000 Sq. Feet $125 a Month $83 a Month
over 50,000 Sq. Feet Call For Quote Call For Quote


*billed annually
**take off one month free for all new clients

How can you void your Roof Warranty?

  • Not performing Regular maintenance – Regular maintenance will prolong the life of any roof. Think of it as an oil change, even when you buy a brand new car you still need the oil changed.
  • Not performing regular Inspections – This should be performed at least once a year, preferably twice. After winter preferably as is the most stressful season for any building envelope.
  • Not Conduct additional inspections immediately after extreme hail, heavy rains, fires, etc.
  • Not assuring that your roof is kept clean and free of debris.
  • Not warning equipment servicemen going on the roof to be careful with their tools and materials. The smallest nail can puncture the roofing membrane causing voids for water entry into your building.
  • Allowing unqualified people or businesses to maintain your roof.
  • Allowing up traffic on the roof without ensuring qualifications.
  • Not taking a reactive approach to maintaining your roof.
  • Dealing with firms who will not stand behind their work. No product is better than the applicator.

Preventative Maintenance


  • Poor, inconsistent weld
  • Seam voids
  • Fastener placement
  • Fasteners too long, or too short
  • Unadhered membrane
  • Unadhered base flashing
  • Contaminated roof substrate
  • Flashing displacement
  • Abuse of installed roof


  • Conduct test welds; probe all seams
  • Don’t start and stop welding excessively
  • Adjust screw gun clutch setting
  • Ensure fastener engages deck, in top flange
  • Use correct adhesives at right rate and temp
  • Use initial priming, 2nd adhesive application
  • Use broom or blower prior to installation
  • Follow fastener placement guidelines
  • Protect membrane; use job sequencing


Flat Roof RepairFlat Roof Installation

“As long as the cost of maintenance is less than 1.6%of the initial cost of the project, the cost of the maintained roof-on an annual basis-will be less than the un-maintained roof.”

Peter Kalinger, Technical Director,
Canadian Roofing Contractors Association


The Program

  • Evaluation of property by Empire Roofing Corporation’s professionally trained inspector with a minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in the roofing industry;
  • Certified by Firestone Building Products, IKO Industries, Dow Corning Building Products and others;
  • Completed in accordance with the recommendations of Firestone Building Products, National Roofing Contractors Association, Midwest Roofing Contractors Association, Ontario Industry Roofing Contractors Association and Roofing Industries Education Institution;
  • Inspections scheduled at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annual inspections are available);
  • Written inspection reports with current roof conditions;
  • Detailed digital photographic analysis of findings;

Partial List of Items Inspected (See Accompanying Report)

  • Inspection of all access ladders/hatches;
  • Inspection of metal canopies, fascia’s, troughs;
  • Inspection of skylights and curbs;
  • Inspection of all roof membrane;
  • Inspection of all roof drains;
  • Inspection of all pitch pans, cones, pipes;
  • Inspection of all HVAC units;
  • Inspection of sheet metal flashings;
  • Inspection of all walkways;
  • Inspection of all sealants, etc.

Permanent Repairs of Minor Items

  • Caulkings
  • Sealants
  • Topping off of Pitch Pans
  • Patch Tears or Holes in Membrane
  • Clean Roof Drains
  • Removal of debris from roof surface, in particular at roof sumps (sludge, pop cans, bottles etc.);
  • Identify, orchestrate and carry out any manufacturer’s warranted repairs (at no additional charge to owner);
  • Estimate and pricing on major items which may require repair – not covered under manufacturer’s warranty;

***Emergency repairs/leaks 24/7, 365 days – on site, usually within two (2) hours always within 4 hours***

  • Optional infrared survey to identify areas of moisture within the roof system.

***We provide all reports and documentation to fulfill owner’s obligation to semi-annual roof inspections and maintenance as outlined by Firestone Building Products for Red Shield warranted roof systems.

Section 4C of Red Shield Warranty

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How To Void Your Manufacturer Warranty

Not performing Regular maintenance
Regular maintenance will prolong the life of any roof. Think of it as an oil change, even when you buy a brand new car you still need the oil changed.

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