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Installing the right roofing system for your building is critical to its long-term performance and safety. There is a wide range of roofing systems available to meet the different needs of commercial buildings.

EPDM is an ideal choice for building managers who are looking for durability in their roofing systems. Composed of a synthetic rubber, the membrane is traditionally used on buildings with low-slope roofs.

EPDM is constructed using natural gas and oil derivatives known as ethylene and propylene. It’s a single-ply membrane made from a highly durable synthetic rubber (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). The membrane is available in different sizes to accommodate your building’s unique needs. Membranes come in 45MIL and 60MIL thickness and in sheets measuring 50 ft. x 250 ft.

It can be adhered or attached mechanically to the building, and we use an adhesive to seal the seams for the ultimate roofing system protection.

There are 3 methods for installing EPDM:

  1. Fully adhered
  2. Mechanically attached
  3. Ballasted

Fully Adhered

The first method of installation requires that insulation sheets be laid out on the roofing system and attached to the surface using adhesion or insulation plates and fasteners. The EPDM sheets are then placed on top of the insulation and applied using a bonding adhesive. Technical specifications then determine how the roof perimeter and penetrations are flashed.

Mechanically Attached

When EPDM is mechanically attached, panels are placed loosely on a substrate, and batten bars are placed on top to attach them. The bars are placed at differing space widths in order to accommodate wind loadings. Sheets are overlapped and connected using an adhesive. Flashings around penetrations and roof perimeters are installed according to specifications.


When EPDM is ballasted, it’s applied in the same fashion as the fully adhered installation. EPDM sheets are placed on top of insulation and is overlapped and sealed with seam tape. Once it is complete, the roof is weighed down with ballast.

EPDM is unique in its ability to have an extensive lifespan. Industry testing’s performed on the EPDM membrane highlights the benefits it provides to your building. The material is resistant to wear and extreme weather conditions. It is highly flexible, which allows it to adapt to colder temperatures while demonstrating superior protection against high levels of heat or fire.

EPDM also works to protect your building against UV radiation and wind damage. Empire Roofing helps you determine what level of protection you need against any wind uplift to determine the optimal design for your building. These benefits are what have made EPDM popular among contractors, architects, and roofing specialists. It’s constructed using polymers that are high quality and require fewer energy resources to manufacture when compared to other flat roof systems.

We provide professional installation of your EPDM roofing system and ensure a high level of safety for you and your building’s occupants. Installation can be completed without the need for large equipment, open flame, or the use of asphalt. EPDM membranes come in large sizes and are lightweight. This makes it easy to install and reduces the level of weight being placed on your building.

When you use EPDM as part of your commercial roofing system, you can be sure to benefit from it for a long time. EPDM membranes are known to last for an average of up to 30 years.

We utilize only the highest quality EPDM from industry suppliers including:

  1. Firestone
  2. Genflex
  3. Lexcan
  4. Carlisle
  5. Brite Ply
  6. GAF

More importantly, it requires a very low-maintenance service schedule, which helps reduce the costs of long-term care. EPDM can also be modified by adding penetrations at any time. This prevents any additional replacement costs should the needs of your building change over time.

Empire Roofing can help you determine the best EPDM solution for your commercial building. If you have questions or would like to get more information on how EPDM can benefit you and your business, visit our contact page or call us at (416) 923-7663.

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