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Commercial Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofing systems are a popular choice for commercial/industrial buildings for a number of reasons. In addition to siding and cladding, metal roofing is among the most versatile and customizable roofing products available on the market today. Its versatility and customization are highlighted not only by the number of manufacturers that sell it, but also by the various types, materials and applications applicable to metal roofing.


  • Agway
  • Firestone
  • Kingspan
  • Vicwest
  • Pac-Clad
  • ExSteel
  • Kalzip
  • Ideal
  • In-house profiles


  • Metal Roofing
  • Metal Siding
  • Metal Cladding (Generic term)
  • Steel Soffits


  • Hundreds of Material profiles available
  • Multiple gauges of metal 20ga, – 30ga normally
  • Multiple Materials available – Steel, Galvanized, Galvalume, Aluminum, Copper
  • Multiple Finishes and colours, hundreds of options
  • Various veneers, Wood, Quartz, Stone, Stucco
  • Various textures, Smooth, Embossed etc


  • Firewall applications based on hourly fire ratings
  • Traditional – Liner, Insulation, Cover sheet applications
  • Insulated – (All-in-one) applications
  • ACM – Architectural Composite

In terms of installation, the tradition process involves using a liner panel that is outfitted with Z-bar and insulation and then covered over with a coversheet. What the liner panel does is serve the role of vapor barrier. Insulated wall panels are merged into a single unit. Because the liner, insulation and cover sheet are merged into a single unit, the end result is a shorter installation time than would otherwise be the case. The installation process can also include affixing vapor barriers directly to a plywood or concrete deck before insulating and installing a panel to that surface.

When it comes to quality, durability and profile options, metal is hard to beat as a roofing product. It features various coatings, finishes, textures and profiles that range from polished steel to steel to painted to stucco veneers. Furthermore, we at Empire Roofing provide on-site cutting for cutting panels of steel roofing.

Every commercial building has its own unique needs. To find out what solutions will work best for you, call us at (416) 923-7663 or visit our contact page so that we can answer all of your questions today.

Residential Roofing ProjectsResidential Roof InspectionResidential Projects

Residential Roofing ProjectsResidential Roof InspectionResidential Projects

Residential Roofing ProjectsResidential Roof InspectionResidential Projects

Residential Roofing ProjectsResidential Roof InspectionResidential Projects

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