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Commercial Daylighting System

Empire Roofing offers a number of value-added upgrades for commercial/industrial roofing. These upgrades include white membrane, thermal, tapered ISO, daylighting, drains, walkways/patio stones and tapered sumps.

White Membrane

White membrane is an advantageous upgrade for industrial/ commercial roofing for a number of reasons. It lessens building heat gain since white or reflective roofs usually rise only 5 °C –14 °C (10 °F – 25 °F) above ambient temperature during the day. It also leads to savings to the tune of 15% to 20% on air condition costs during the summer period. Finally, white membrane lengthens the life expectancy not only of the roof membrane, but also of the building’s cooling equipment.


The Firestone ISO polyiso insulation offers the benefits of high-energy efficiency through the highest R-value ratings per inch compared to other insulation materials. The thermal upgrade also offers cost advantages on the installation front and proven fire resistance properties.

Tapered ISO

When it comes to tapered ISO, there are full tapered systems and perimeter taper systems.

Full Tapered systems are suitable for roofs that don’t have a structural slope. These systems can also be designed to accommodate different degrees of drainage. This upgrade is typically used in retrofit applications and roofs in new construction where structural slope is impossible. Specific benefits include lessened life cycle costs, R-value, and perimeter height restrictions.

Perimeter taper systems are a cost-effective upgrade that can direct water away from important areas at walls, parapets, mechanical units and more. The importance of shedding water from critical areas is underscored by the fact that most roof leak issues occur at vertical penetrations of the roof system. Widths between 4′ and 16′, with a minimum 2% slope, are ideal for the perimeter taper system.


A properly designed commercial/ industrial building with a sufficient amount of natural light will benefit from passive solar gain and a reduced need for artificial lights. Adding daylighting to the setup, moreover, can lead to a substantial reduction in the building’s total energy consumption and C02 emissions. In fact, daylighting can reduce lighting use by between 75% and 80%.

The Sunwave Daylighting Systems supplied by Firestone, for instance, offers a number of important features for commercial/ industrial buildings. These include the following:

  1. Transfers more light into work areas minus the glare, UK damage or hot spots to any products or machinery
  2. Resistant to condensation
  3. Grabs 20% more light at low angles
  4. Resistant to wind and hail
  5. 50% tougher than what is required by building code
  6. Coverable under any warranty product offered by Firestone
  7. Given the go-ahead for high velocity hurricane zones
  8. Lessens air conditioning expenses to offset heat generated by electric light fixtures since there will be reduced usage
  9. Potentially eligible for federal, state and local tax credits, as well as utility company incentives, since it is a Green Energy solar powered product
  10. Reduced energy cost when electric lights are turned off, up to 10.5 hours per day, during daylight hours; a properly designed daylighting commercial/industrial building could lessen energy use by 50% to 80%.

Other statistics suggest that owners of commercial/industrial buildings can potentially reduce their peak electricity use by as much as 70% by equipping 5% of the buildings’ roof capacity with daylighting and shutting off the lights.

Installing daylighting requires careful consideration in order to make full use of the many associated benefits. Key considerations include building design, interior and exterior structures that influence the natural light coming into the workspace, changing weather patterns, as well as windows. That’s where we at Empire Roofing can help. We’ll come in, do an assessment, and recommend daylighting options in line with your goals and your budget.

If you’d like to know how a daylighting system might benefit your commercial/ industrial building, you can find out more by visiting our contact page or by calling us at (416) 923-7663.


Making a roofing investment is one thing; maintaining it to extend the return on that investment is another. Proper drainage systems will properly direct water away from the roofing system so that it cannot cause any costly damage. Proper maintenance also includes checking the drainage system since standing water in drain pipes and spouts may lead to costly problems down the road. It’s also important to ensure that the gutters are in good repair and free of debris.

Walkways/ Patio Stones

A rooftop walkway system is a critical upgrade when considering that it offers a non-slip surface for those who need to carry out functions on the roof surface. Whether for building inspection, maintenance or any other purpose, a rooftop walkway or patio stone layout can help to prevent users from encountering unsafe conditions when required to be on the roof. Benefits include durability, easy installation, and flexibility so that it can fit in with virtually all roofs.

Tapered Sumps

Tapered sumps are important since they can help to eliminate the possibility of roof ponds forming. Roof ponds, which can lead to serious problems, can occur when debris allowed to collect around roof drains leads to water build up.

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