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Built Up Roofing

Built up roofing is a type of system that is commonly used on low slope roofs. It is made up of numerous layers of bitumen surfaces and is then completed with a coating or aggregate layer.

Built Up Roofing

Common Types

The two common types of built up roofing are conventional and inverted.

Common Applications

The pitch or angle of commercial/industrial buildings can potentially limit the range of options for roofing products. When roofs are deemed to be of the low slope variety, built up roofing materials are a logical option.

Application Method

Built up roof systems are made up of alternating layers of bitumen or asphalt and ply sheets that combine to make a completed membrane, and these are used to build the roofing system to the optimal level of piles. If a conventional method is used, a surface material such as gravel is put into the top portion of the asphalt. If an inverted system is used, the membrane is safeguarded by the ballast and insulation. It is possible to apply a surface coating to the installed roof to lessen the adverse impact of UV rays, reduce heating costs and lower cooling costs.


Built up roofing systems offer a number of benefits. In addition to being very durable, the product is simple to repair, weather resistant and, having been around for around 100 years, is a tried, tested and proven roofing system.

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