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Commercial Roofing Contractor Services in Sarnia

Empire Roofing is the right contractor for your business if you are in the market for a commercial roofing contractor in Sarnia that stands behind their work. We are known as the top, award winning flat roof specialist in Canada with roofs throughout Ontario including Sarnia.

Since we focus on providing value for each one of our customers, we are offering a free roof inspection and full colour report for our Sarnia customers. That’s right, a $1500 value absolutely free.

When you have a highly qualified and respected roofing company with no shortage of integrity complete an inspection, you will at the very least understand your roofing situation. All you have to do is call us today for a no cost or obligation 100 point roof inspection for your roof project.

The 100 point roof inspection includes the following:

  • Inspection of deck and walls
  • Full Interior and Exterior inspection
  • Inspection of Metal Flashings, Cap and Counter flashing
  • Expansion joints
  • Roof Dividers
  • Rooftop Equipment such as HVAC exhaust fans
  • Conduit and Pipe Flashings
  • Roof Surfaces for Deterioration and Cracking
  • Checking for ‘alligatoring’, buckering, and blistering
  • Ballast Displacement and “Wind Scour”
  • Inspection and cleaning of roof drains

After completing the inspection you will have a full understand of your total roof and building health. This is an excellent start when it comes to preventative maintenance and is the key to saving money on roofing.

Since we seek to also educate our client, we always tell them to be in a position to act, not react. The most expensive roof repairs come from neglect and poor maintenance as well as an ‘out of sight’, ‘out of mind’ mentality. To avoid this mentality, here are 10 signs how to know if your roof is in poor shape:

  1. Have you had a roof leak in the past years?
  2. Are the roof leaks frequent?
  3. Have you carried regular maintenance program through the years?
  4. Does your ceiling or walls show any discoloration from water leaks?
  5. Roof drainage problems
  6. Over the last 5-10 years have your energy cost gradually increased? This may indicate a roofing material or insulation breakdown.
  7. Do you see areas of stains from ponded water?
  8. Is roofing material pulling away from the penetrations or from the walls?
  9. Have you noticed any loose metal flashing on the exterior of the building?
  10. Is there a large and frequent amount of traffic on your roof?

Take advantage of this opportunity to know fully understand your roofing situation so you can plan for your budget and ensure your roof is healthy for the long term.

3 Generations of Excellence in Roofing

With three generations of experience and over 28 million sq.ft. of roofing installed, Empire Roofing Corporation has built a solid reputation for market excellence; and thrives only on the highest quality of construction and workmanship in a variety of roofing services.

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Featured Projects

We Specialize In Commercial Roofing Projects from 1,000 to 1,000,000 Square Feet

Project: South West Detention Centre – Windsor ON

Product:Modified Bitumen

Completion: In Progress

Other: RoofPoint TM Registered Project awarded Certificate of Recognition by the Centre for Environmental Innovation in Roofing which recognizes Empire’s commitment to RoofPoint TM and the promotion of sustainable roofing solutions.
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Project name: Chrysler “Syncreon Warehouse”

Sq.ft.: 1 million

Product: TPO

Project: Koch Heat Transfer – Toronto

Product:TPO Roof

Project: Walmart – Barrie

Product:TPO Roof

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Commercial Roofing - Firestone Master Contractor
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Free 100 Point
Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

Click here to learn the Top 10 Signs your roof is in trouble. All new commercial clients are eligible for a free 100 point roof inspection. This is a full colour and detailed report including pictures outlining possible problems both short and long term as well as recommendations and options.
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